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Monday, 14 July 2008

Liebherr Side by Side Fridge Freezer Review

The Liebherr side-by-side combination uses only the very highest quality in every single detail from the shelves to the door handle. They have a great deal of space to keep plenty of food for the whole family. The Liebherr side- by- side range is available as an upright appliance or as a built in combination.
Every single one of the Liebherr side- by- side upright appliances has an energy efficiency rating A+ meaning that your fridge freezer is consuming less energy per year than if you were using a less energy efficient model. You will definitely notice the difference in your energy bill if you are switching to the Liebherr side- by- side range from an older model.

Saving money on your energy bills means that you will have more money to spend on food for all the family to put in your new fridge freezer. And you could even cut a weekly shop down to a monthly shop with the upright range of Liebherr side- by- side fridge freezers because with a maximum capacity of 661 litres depending on which model you go for, you are unlikely to run out of space.
All of the Liebherr side- by- side fridge freezers come with NoFrost technology, which means that you will hardly ever have to defrost your freezer and if you are doing a monthly shop now instead of a weekly one, do not worry about your food going off because Biofresh technology is available in most of the models and will help all kinds of food, including fruit and vegetables, stay fresher for longer.
The Liebherr side-by-side built-in combinations are a breath of fresh air and look great in any modern kitchen, making for true ease of planning.
The built-in Liebherr side- by- side range, like the upright models, is also available with NoFrost and Biofresh technology, depending on which model you choose and all the models available with in the Liebherr side- by- side built- in range come with soft stop. This involves integrated cushions in the door, which allow the door to be closed gently every time. Even if it is your children slamming the door, the soft stop will cushion the blow.
The Liebherr side- by- side fridge freezer is definitely a family appliance, with high quality details and child- friendly features keeping you and your family safe and with full stomachs.
All of Liebherr's domestic appliances are noted for their brilliant concept, modern design and well-planned solutions and technology to make life in the kitchen a little bit easier for you. Liebherr has many ranges of domestic appliances, including table-top, free-standing and combined refrigerators and freezers, freezer chests, food storage and drink cooling refrigerators, wine cooling and wine-temperature control cabinets as well as Liebherr side- by- side and refrigerators and freezers for commercial use.
7,000 domestic appliances such as fridges and freezers leave Liebherr's various international production plants. And throughout Europe and the world, a domestic appliance from Liebherr is a symobol of innovative technology and quality.

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