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Monday, 14 July 2008

Liebherr Chest Freezers

The luxury of freezing allows households to buy larger amounts of foods in bulk that do not have to be rushed to be eaten by the sell by date and can instead be eaten at leisure. The bulk purchase provides cost savings, but more importantly, ice-cream can be kept in them and other foods that would not be able to be stored without a freezer. Before freezers were available, ice-cream could previously only be enjoyed by travelling long distances to where the product was made fresh and had to be eaten on the spot. Now it can be enjoyed at any time. Ice on-demand not only adds to the enjoyment of cold drinks, but is useful in first-aid applications and cold packs can be kept frozen for picnics or in case of an emergency.
Most domestic appliance manufacturers provide chest freezers, but if it is specifically a Liebherr chest freezer that you are after, there are a few to choose from. All of the Liebherr chest freezers have an energy efficiency class of A+, to save money and keep tabs on your carbon footprint and only consume from 215.4 kWh to 408 kWh in 365 days. With environmental issues being so prevalent in the news these days and the rising cost of fuel affecting the price of everything, energy is not something that is used lightly or inexpensively, so it is always best to try and stay as energy efficient as possible.
Liebherr chest freezers are available in a range of sizes to suit the space that is available in your kitchen. The GTL4905 model is a commercial chest freezer, is available in white only and has a gross capacity of 485 litres.It features a static cooling system and needs to be manually defrosted, but all of Liebherr’s energy saving chest freezers are fitted with the StopFrost system, which reduces frosting in the interior of the chest freezer and on the frozen food. This means that the freezer will need defrosting much less often. It also means that the freezer will open effortlessly every time, because the vacuum in the chest is also controlled by the StopFrost system. This model also has a mechanic control system, an external analogue temperature display and a temperature range of -14 degrees Celsius to -26 degrees Celsius.
The domestic Liebherr chest freezers that are available are obviously far smaller in height and width than the commercial freezers and also have a smaller capacity, but they still come with the StopFrost system that makes defrosting and general use of the freezer more convenient. The domestic chest freezers have a maximum capacity ranging from 199 to 572 litres depending upon the model choice. They are available in heights between 153.8cm and 166.5cm and widths between 83.7cm to 164.7cm. The smallest of the Liebherr Chest Freezers is the GTS 2112 which has a mechanic control system and an optical malfunction warning signal.
Liebherr chest freezers are available all over Europe, including Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, and Great Britain.
Liebherr Chest Freezer

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