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Monday, 14 July 2008

Liebherr Refrigeration - a Family Business

The Liebherr Group started as one family business and it was established in 1949 by Hans Liebherr. His first success was the tower crane for construction, which was easy to assemble and affordable. After this, his company really took off and Hans branched out into mining and digging equipment and also into domestic appliances.
Today Liebherr is one of the world's leading suppliers of technically innovative domestic appliances, including Liebherr Refrigeration. Its headquarters are in Biberach an der Riss, Baden-W├╝rttemberg in Germany.
Over the years the family business has grown into what is today a group of companies, employing a workforce of approx. 26,000 in more than 100 companies across the globe.
The quality of Liebherr Refrigeration was further acknowledged last year when the "Better Living" initiative and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology awarded Liebherr the "Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2007" prize in August.
In the large electrical appliances/refrigerators category, two Liebherr appliances took first and second places. A Liebherr built-in combined fridge-freezer with BioFresh and NoFrost technology received the first prize. The second prize in this category went to a Liebherr built-in combined fridge-freezer featuring BioFresh technology.
BioFresh extends the storage life of all foods, meaning less wasted food... and money. Also, biofresh technology uses only the natural gases of ozone and ethylene. All of this makes cooling and freezing easy and ethical.
If you have had your fridge-freezer for a while, you will probably have to defrost your freezer compartment at least twice a year. But because Liebherr often uses the innovative NoFrost technology, there is no longer any need to defrost.
Liebherr's CBNes range comes with both of these features and the refrigerator at the top of this range is the CBNes 5067, which combines technology with style and practicality.
Not only does it include BioFresh and NoFrost technology, it also gets an A for energy efficiency, which means that you save money and the environment. This Liebherr fridge-freezer is neatly separated up with a place for everything from a butter and cheese compartment to an exotic fruit compartment, making it one of the most easily organisable Leibherr fridges available.
This Liebherr fridge is definitely not small, measuring two metres in height, 75cm in width and 63cm in depth, making this freestanding refrigerator perfect for larger families.
You can also keep your CBNes 5067 safe from prying hands with its child proof function. This range includes dozens of little features to make your life in the kitchen that little bit easier. It even has that all important bottle rack and a permanently plumbed in ice maker.
This model is available in: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and Great Britain
The Liebherr Group's current holding company is Liebherr-International AG in Bulle, Switzerland. It is owned solely by members of the Liebherr family. Willi and Isolde Liebherr are the current-generation family owners who were listed among the billionaires of 2005. Liebherr has locations in many countries, including Germany, Britain, Ireland, and the United States.

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